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Meet our social impact division: KindWorks. Launched in 2021, we aim to help vulnerable demographics in our community and help non-profits find talented staff.

KindWorks offers 2 hours per week of volunteering during work hours as well as 100% company matching of donations.

Giving Back to Communities through Good Deeds

With a combination of monetary and in-kind donations, volunteering, and pro bono staffing services, KindWorks partners with nonprofits to level the playing field for the underserved in our community. KindWorks also extends its philanthropy to animals by donating materials to other nonprofits dedicated to helping and housing animals.

Never A Client. Always Our Partner

Why Get Involved with KindWorks ?

Bringing Out a Different Side of Our People

There are so many elements to the human experience that companies often forget. At RightWorks, we want to bring all of these facets under our roof because our employees aren’t just our employees; they’re our people.

A “Sky's the Limit” Approach

Because we’re still new, we’re flexible in what we can do. What we do today might change six months from now. And who knows where we’ll be in two years. We truly believe that doing good and making an impact shouldn’t be bound by constraints.

Leading by Example

We believe that more companies need to embody the values they champion. RightWorks is one of few companies encouraging people to demonstrate kindness, empathy, and excellence beyond the office floors.